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ICCRA Member Profile: Delsey Wilson
ICCRA Board Member & Webmaster

- Associate of Arts (2005) - Southern State Community College
- Real Estate Certification (1994-95) - Hondros College
- Interior Design Major (1993-94) - Ohio University

Other Affiliations:
Full time stay at home Mother of 4
- Webmaster (15 years)
- Genealogist researcher for 20 years
- Founding Member, and Executive Director of the Friends of Serpent Mound.
- President of the Serpent Mound Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD).
- Member of the Ohio Brush Creek Herb Guild.

- Previous Adams County Chamber of Commerce Director (1 yr) and Assistant Director (4 yrs)

Hobbies & Other Interests:
Enjoys spending time with family and friends, learning about and cooking with herbs, attending concerts with her husband, doing geneaology research, and researching history and the ancient mound cultures from around the world with her loving husband Jeffrey Wilson.

"Researching (crop circles) is facinating. It's not always the formation themselves that I find so facinating, but the area (location) and the people I meet. I've seen some beautiful hidden country that I normally would have never seen or even considered visiting. Sometimes the location of a formation has helped us locate lost ancient sites, which we then try to visit. And the people I meet always make my experience much more meaningful - they have shared their thoughts, their homes, and their experiences with us."


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