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Stace Tussel has been interested in mysteries all her life, but it took nearly 30 years to become aware of the crop circle phenomenon.  In early 1995 she found the book Circular Evidence, by Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado, while browsing Emporia State University's library in Emporia, Kansas, and then experienced numerous high-strangeness synchronicities leading up to her first crop circle investigation at Inman, Kansas.
W.C. Levengood and the BLT team produced a report from the Inman seed samples and found significant changes in the affected wheat as compared to controls.  While keeping up with the crop circle science and collecting data and samples for personal use, Stace's main interest in the phenomenon is the paranormal activity that accompanies her research.  Her crop circle experiences have been accompanied by various remarkable synchronicities, dramatic healings, UFOs, and precognitive meditations and dreams.  
During a research trip to England in 1997, Stace gained additional valuable insights and training from Colin Andrews, Busty Taylor, Richard Andrews, Paul Vigay, Ron Russell, and many other pioneers in the field.  Since that time Stace has focused her efforts on US formations, including three in North Dakota, one in Idaho, one in Utah, and most recently the Herington, Kansas formation.
Stace's reports, diagrams, and experiences have been published in the periodicals The Circular (Summer 1996) and Circular Times, as well as in the book Opening Minds by Simeon Hein and on the website of the late Paul Vigay.  Stace talked about her experiences in North Dakota on Coast-to-Coast AM and was interviewed on local radio and television programs.  She was featured in The Learning Channel's 2002 documentary "Crop Circles: In Search of a Sign," and most recently was interviewed by ABC for an upcoming prime time news program about the paranormal (air date undetermined).

MUFON International and The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) are among Stace's affiliations.  She was a MUFON Field Investigator for several years and occasionally consults with MUFON, and is a former CSETI Working Group Leader.  Most of her spare time is now devoted to personal research, which she continues to publish at her website, www.inter-intelligence-communications.com.  In July of 2009 she created and uploaded a video describing her first experience with crop circles, which can be seen at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfMfVyr8m3M.  Stace plans to add more videos of her crop circle and UFO footage to her YouTube channel as time allows.



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