Reported Crop Circles for the State of Ohio -

Sugar Creek Township / Elida, Allen County (August 1, 1996)

A 46.5’ diameter circle with circling 1”-3” pathways leading into and out of the circle curving around the field. The lay was counterclockwise, but not all the plants in the circle were affected / flattened, particularly a variety of Queen Anne’s Lace.

Spotted from the air by a pilot, the circle was located in a field between a soybean field and a residential neighborhood. When researchers arrived, no local residents were aware of the circle’s existence despite homes being within 100 yards of the circle. The circle could not be seen from the road. An underground stream ran directly underneath the circle. There were five power line poles on the west edge of the field within 50’ of the circle; unusually, each power pole had a transformer box on it.

Three separate teams collected samples from this formation on three different dates. All three samples were reported to be consistent and had significantly lengthened stem nodes, node expansion as high as 167% greater than control samples, expulsion cavities, and the three sampling times showed that gravi-tropism was not a factor in contributing to node changes.

Two of the three teams that investigated this formation reported unusual physical effects to their persons after visiting the formation.

Sugar Creek, Ohio Formation Sugar Creek, Ohio Formation

Sugar Creek, Ohio Formation Sugar Creek, Ohio Formation

Crop type: Grass (Timothy)

Source: personal investigation, Roger Sugden, W.C. Levengood - Report #93
Photos: Roger Sugden, Jeffrey Wilson


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