Reported Crop Circles for the State of Ohio -

Yellow Springs, Greene County (August 12, 2005)

A series of RDF in two fields on either side of Jacoby Creek in corn were reported near the town of Yellow Springs, after a strong weather front passes through the area. The flattened areas were spotted by a farmer-pilot who owns a grass landing strip across the street from the field with the main damage. His corn field across the street was completely undamaged / unaffected.


The corn in the affected field was bent at various heights ranging from flat to the ground, to being bent (but not broken) at 5-6 feet off the ground, with several areas only being flattened to about knee-high. While there were a few large areas where the corn was flattened to the ground, the entirety of the field was “pockmarked” with RDF. One flattened area was radially laid, and many stalks exhibited 180 degree bends.




The flattened corn was measured to be L-NEAT positive for node elongation. No unusual E-M or radiation readings were detected, although that is not unusual because the formation was not investigated for approximately three weeks after the date of formation.

The field is located relatively near the Native American Indian mound, Orators’ Mound, in Yellow Springs.

Crop type: corn

Source: ICCRA investigation

Photos: Jeffrey Wilson


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