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Illinois Hoaxers Arrested, Charged with Felony Criminal Property Damage

This is just an quick note to let everyone know of arrests and impending prosecution for a hoaxed crop circle formation in Valmeyer, Monroe County, Illinois which took place in September. Four people were identified as making the crop circle, because an eyewitness had spotted a truck fleeing the scene and got a license plate which led police to track down the hoaxers. Because the damage was estimated to be over $10,000, one adult involved will be charged with a felony offense. The three others involved were juveniles, and their cases will be handled differently. Valmeyer, IL is about 10 miles south of the 2006 Belleville, IL hoaxed circles in soybeans along the Mississippi River.

View Photo from the St. Louis Dispatch -

Other News Articles on Valmeyer using Google News:

Teen pranksters behind crop circle in Illinois farmer's field

Connecticut Post - Nicholas J.C. Pistor - ‎Oct 13, 2009‎
VALMEYER, Ill. -- Tim Cowell almost thought the massive hole in his cornfield was a sign from outer space. ...

The Bird sees signs of crop circle damage

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Ron Wade - ‎Oct 13, 2009‎
Even without witnesses, Tim Cowell likely would have quickly figured out that the huge gouge in his cornfield near Valmeyer, Ill., wasn't caused ...


Mysterious crop circles - Wheat fields in tiny town in Washington again site of strange markings
From SEATTLE TIMES - Published: Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 4:07 a.m.


Crop Circle formation reported near Wilbur, Lincoln County, Washington, 7-23-2009

Thanks to the keen eye of Gwen Bray who notified the ICCRA of this report, the first geometric crop circle formation in the USA this year has been reported near the small town of Wilbur, Lincoln County, Washington.

The crop circle formation was first spotted on Thursday. July 23, 2009 by the farmer, Craig Haden as he was riding past the field on his motorcycle.  The formation is in wheat, and consists of five rings laid out in a straight line and one offset circle (the straight path to the edge of the field was apparently made by the farmer so that visitors wouldn't destroy more of the field):
Photo by NBC affiliate, KHQ, channel 6.

You can read more details and see a video report of the formation here:
Some people may recall that this area had a reported crop circle formation about two years ago on June 29, 2007:

From the ICCRA photo archives.

The 2007 formation, also in wheat, also had a similar "ring" component to it, as the central element of the formation was a ring of similar proportions (flattened ring area as compared to the standing circular center) to the larger rings of this year's formation.
In the NBC video report, the reporter mentions that the farmer tried to keep quiet about the circles, but as more locals spotted them, the local paper ran a news story, and now the "cat's out of the bag".

We will try to continue to follow up on this formation, and keep everyone updated...


September 13, 2008

Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana Multiple Circles Reported

Photo: Ted Robertson, ICCRA

The Bedford Times-Mail / Herald Times Online today reported on "about a dozen crop circles and other, stranger shapes created by flattened corn" that were discovered Friday afternoon (September 12) after a rainstorm passed through the area. Although the article refers to the flattened 'circles' as being in "8-foot high corn", the photo that accompanied the article is clearly not of a field of 8-foot high corn stalks. Either the photo isn't of the same field as what is being reported, or the reporter didn't get the crop details right.

The detail in the article quotes the Bedford Police Department dispatcher Mark Duncan as saying that the plants are flattened to the ground "as tight as can be", but that edges of the circles are curved upwards so that the areas are 'shaped like bowls.' Duncan adds that the largest flattened 'circle' is the size of a football field, and that he's hoping to get someone from the National Weather Service to come an examine the circles for weather-related damage.

The ICCRA's Ted Robertson has already visited the site (before 10:00 AM on Saturday Sept. 13), and this reported formation is a "Randomly-downed formation" [RDF] in 4.5-5 foot tall sorghum (not 8 foot tall corn) and is spread out over a couple of adjacent fields. The ICCRA will be examining the site over the next few days to collect more accurate information about this report -- stay tuned; additional photos below... more to follow.

Approximate location of the reported circles in Bedford, Lawrence County, IN along Sandpit Road, just off Mitchell Road as reported by the Times-Mail.

Photo: Ted Robertson, ICCRA

Photo: Ted Robertson, ICCRA

Photo: Ted Robertson, ICCRA

Photo: Ted Robertson, ICCRA

Photo: Ted Robertson, ICCRA

Photo: Ted Robertson, ICCRA

Photo: Ted Robertson, ICCRA

Photo: Ted Robertson, ICCRA

Photo: Ted Robertson, ICCRA

More photos of the Bedford, Indiana formation from Ted Robertson in the gallery here. Thanks to Ted Robertson for getting over to the site so quickly after the ICCRA received this report!

Original sources: "Traffic stopper: Flat crop makes for an odd sight"; "Crop circles appear in Bedford cornfield, Flattened crop makes for an odd sight", Nicole Brooks, Times-Mail





September 13, 2008 - Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana Multiple Circles Reported


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