Crop Circles Reported in the News - 2012

Sept. 20th, 2012 - Crop Circle News recieved a report of a crop circle near Chillicothe, Ohio...UPDATED! LEARN MORE. (November 8th, 7:00pm - Jeff Wilson will attend the regular monthly meeting of the Circleville UFO Society at the Circleville Library on North Court Street. He will present the findings of the Chillicothe Formation then.)


July 2012 -

Jeff Wilson reported finding the following links...

This Associated Press article includes a photo which shows that this year's formation, while similar to the video I posted below, is slightly different.

This article includes a couple of additional photos of the Wilbur, WA crop circle formation (you have to click on the photo to see the others).

More video and pictures here:

A couple of more photos here:

This UPI article includes a video of the NBC affiliate's newscast of the formation. One quick shot near the end appears to show some additional RDF nearby?

It appears that the field that the crop circle reported near Wilbur, Washington was in -- has already been harvested! It looks to have been a simple design...! It looks like this was seen LAST YEAR (in 2011). I haven't seen this reported elsewhere - this is a video of another previously unreported formation.





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