Crop Circles Reported in the News - 2013

Gray, TN
Photo: Roger Sugden

Gray, Tennessee crop circle came down on May 5, 2013 in a field of grasses owned by Connie Osbern. I happened to be in Tennessee at the time visiting some friends and a former crop circle site in Madisonville Tennessee. I was informed of this first crop circle in the USA of 2013 by a friend in Texas. I realized I was only a few hours away and decided to drive to the site.

close up of aerial
Photo: Roger Sugden

On May 17th and 18th, I did the best investigation that one person could do in extreme heat. This formation measured 208 feet in length and 99 feet in width.

Roger's Diagram
Photo: Roger Sugden

Samples were gathered and sent for analysis, and I talked at length with the landowner. She told me that it was on old indian ground and that artifacts from the Woodland culture had been found at this site. There is also a natural spring at this site and it is bordered by Cedar Creek.

Photo: Roger Sugden

Roger Sugden, Investigator


From: John Myers
Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2013 10:49 AM
To: Jeff Wilson
Subject: Fw: Gray, Tennessee, USA crop circle diagram

Jeff, I met Roger Sugden in the Gray, TN crop circle in May and helped him briefly with his measurements.

We then flew over the formation and took some aerials which I posted on Crop Circle Connector and BLTResearch websites.

I decided to explore the geometry and see if there was anything interesting. I have attached my photos and my geometry sketch for you to see that I first drew out by hand, scanned into the computer and then added colors in photoshop. While it looks symmetrical at first glance, the gaps in the outer circles are not the same width. I overlayed the original photo on top of my diagram in photoshop to make sure. Then I discovered that if I extended the lines from the edges of the gap in the large circle on the left side of the formation into the center smaller circle, the lines met in the center. when I used the compass the measure the width of the pie slice and repeat it around the circle, I found there was an octagon shape!

On the other side, the gap was slightly larger. When I extended the line from the edge of the gap in toward the center smaller circle, the line formed a tangent to the circle instead of entering the center. By continuing this around the inner circle using tangent lines, an 8-sided star appeared!

Finally I noticed that the inside diameter of the larger circle could be placed between the two circles, thereby forming 3 circles in a row of the same size.

I was really excited to discover all this geometry in this relatively simple formation. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a genuine formation, based on all of the above – the beauty from the air, the interesting weaves, bent nodes, and the geometry.

You have some great research on your website and its good to see people exploring circles in the US in depth.

I would like to contact Roger, but don’t have his email. Could you let me know how I can contact him? Thanks. John





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