Crop Circles Reported in the News - 2015

50th Anniversary of Crop Circle Report in Veblen Township, Marshall County, South Dakota - 19 Aug 1965


50 years ago this summer is the anniversary of one of the earliest and most-clearly documented crop circles here in the USA, in the small, rural community of Veblen Township, South Dakota. On Thursday, August 19, 1965, The Journal (of Britton, Marshall County, South Dakota) on their front page ran an article accompanied by a photo of farmer Willard Hill and Marshall County Extension Agent Richard Durland crouching behind a swirled circle of wheat. The article detailed that this was just one of twenty-seven circles that had mysteriously appeared on Willard Hill’s farm. This early crop circle report might have been lost to time, had the County Extension Agent Richard Durland not taken the time to follow-up on the mystery by contacting the local Air Force base as a way of examining all possible avenues for an explanation. Fortunately, the base commander forwarded The Journal article and Durland’s letter on to officers assigned to Project Blue Book. Although Project Blue Book declined to assign a case number and investigate this incident officially, they nevertheless created a valuable record of this early USA crop circle.
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May 21, 2015 - Gray, Tennessee Crop Circle

Photo: John Meyer

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